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Ronald Bassett Alexander Kent **
Richard Bateman Dewey Lambdin **
John Biggins Sam Llewellyn
Brian Burland Alistair MacLean
Brian Callison Kenneth Maynard
Peter Carter Philip McCutchan  **
Joseph Conrad Ellis K. Meacham
Bernard Cornwell ** Stephen W. Meader
R. F. Delderfield Nicholas Monsarrat
Alan Evans Patrick O'Brian **
C. S. Forester ** C. Northcote Parkinson **
Anthony Forrest Dudley Pope **
Peter French Douglas Reeman **
Guy Gilpatric ** Alun Richards
Thomas Heggen E. L. Sherrill
Max Hennessy Fred Mustard Stewart
Porter Hill Victor Suthren **
Richard Hirschhorn James Dillon White
Richard Hough James Wood
Hammond Innes ** Richard Woodman  **

The authors whose names are followed by a double asterisk (**) indicate a major specialization.