Bibliopegy - Bookbinding and Book Repairs
Work done by arrangement.
Note: Please know that due to a massive amount of work to be performed I will not be able
to take on any more binding work for quite some time.

Bibliopegy is defined as the art of binding books. Although it is primarily an art, there is some science involved, such as knowing what adhesives to employ to join two dissimilar materials; or, what solutions to apply to deteriorated leather.

We very recently added bookbinding to the services we provide our clients. Being both an antiquarian book dealer and a bookbinder, I am in a unique position to be able to provide clients with the most reasonable and cost efficient path to take for the replacement or repair of a valuable book. If you would like to have repairs or rebinding done to one of your books please give me a call so that we can make an arrangement for me to look at it and give you a cost estimate for the work needed.

Work on your book may be necessary to repair damage like torn pages, bent or broken corners or loose signatures; perhaps it may need restoration to enhance its appearance; or, it may need to be rebound entirely in a new cover; or alternatively, a conservation approach would be best where a protective enclosure is created to protect and preserve it. Examples of each of these approaches follows:


Torn pages or torn maps [see this graphic][or see this graphic]
Loose signature (a group of folded pages) [see this graphic]
Bent or broken corners of the covers (boards) [see this graphic]
Repairing and restoring a slip case [see this graphic]
Worn leather covers with missing title block on the spine. [see this graphic]
Worn leather spines [see this graphic]
Broken leather front joint [see this graphic]


Cloth Restoration [see this graphic]
Re-sewing of text block
Cloth Rebacking [see this graphic]
Leather Rebacking


Cloth and Paper Rebinding Examples [see this graphic]
Full Cloth Rebinding
Types of Leather Rebinding [see this graphic]


Slip case
Clamshell box
Disassembly and washing [see this graphic]

More Examples will be added soon.

Bookbinding items for sale: [see what's available]

Note: Please know that due to a massive amount of work to be performed I will not be able
to take on any more binding work for quite some time.


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